Welcome to the forthcoming Workshop on Atom Probe Tomography that will be organized in Rouen, November 12-14  2019 !


Dear Colleagues,


We are pleased to organize the 2019 European APT workshop. The main goal is to bring together young and experienced scientists to share current research findings in the field of atom probe tomography. This meeting is jointly organized by the GPM-Rouen and the CEA-Saclay, under the hospice of the GENESIS project. This workshop is particularly suited to foster exchange in APT and FIM communities, especially aspects not regularly covered in scientific publications. A special emphasis will be brought to the methodologies used in APT to mine data and to tackle problems which are met by research labs across the world in material science application of the technique, and more particularly (but not restricted) in the field of nuclear materials. You will also have the opportunity to establish contact with scientific groups from all around Europe and hear about their latest relevant work. We therefore put special emphasis on peer-to-peer discussions around poster presentations with recognized experts in the atom probe community. We also specially invite contributions from students (MSc., PhD).


Updates will be available regularly. We welcome your participation and active discussions on a broad range of topics. 


Looking forward to seeing you in Rouen, France from November 12-14.

Organizing Committee

Isabelle Mouton – SRMA - CEA  Saclay

Olivier Tissot – SRMA - CEA Saclay

François Vurpillot – GPM – Rouen – Université de Rouen Normandie

Williams Lefebvre  – GPM – Rouen – Université de Rouen Normandie

Bertrand Radiguet – GPM – Rouen – Université de Rouen Normandie

Cristelle Pareige  – GPM – Rouen – Université de Rouen Normandie



Getting to and from

The GPM laboratory is located on the site of  "UFR des Sciences et Techniques de l’Université de Rouen - Madrillet" - avenue de l’Université - BP12 - ST ETIENNE DU ROUVRAY CEDEX, France


Public transportation:

If you come to Rouen by train and/or if you stay in a hotel down town, you will need to use the tramway (called “metrobus”) or the fast bus (called 'TEOR' or T4) to join the GPM. Using the metrobus, please take care because there are two different directions (see map below). You should take a tramway going to “Technopole”, go out at the end station (25 to 35min to go). Using the TEOR, a T4 station is situated in front of the Rouen railway station, and stop at the terminus / ZENITH station (15 - 20 min to go). You will have to walk 10 min on the Avenue de l'Université street to reach the University/GPM. Tickets are available at the desk in the main hall of the train station, they can also be delivered by machines located in each station (usually only coins and credit card are accepted). For more details, see here