Tentative sessions and program

Tuesday 12/11/19  (9H-19H)


"Best practices and methodologies in APT data mining. Applications to Nuclear Materials and others"

Scientific Board : C. Pareige,  O. Tissot, B. Radiguet

Methodologies in APT data mining

Confirmed Invited talk : Andrew Landon, Univ. Oxford, Technical Committee of the International Field Emission Symposium

Round table on Best practices for APT characterisation of nuclear materials
Jonathan Hyde, National Nuclear Laboratory,
Patrick Todeschini, EDF

Wednesday 13/11/19  (9H-19H)

Instrumentation and multi-microscopy using APT

Scientific Board : W. Lefebvre, I. Mouton, L. Rigutti

New instrumentation methods in APT

Correlative Microscopy using APT
Confirmed Invited talk : Surendra Kumar Makineni, MPIE

POSTER session

Thursday 14/11/19 

Theory, models, software for AP Tomography and Microscopy

Scientific Board:  F. Vurpillot,O. Cojocaru-MirĂ©din, C Hatzoglou,

Theorical and modelling approaches for AP Tomography and Microscopy

Confirmed Invited talk : Michael Ashton, MPIE

Advances in APT software development

Confirmed Invited talk : David Reinhart, CAMECA

(End of Workshop 13:00)